• Complex auto parts mold

    This is a cut in solid injection mold for auto part mold and the materiaL is PA66+30%GF.This big guy have 4 big slides and one smail inside the big one. HSmold can guarantee a mold life of at least 50,000 PCS. Our factory is equipped with various size of injection machine ranging in tonnage from 55 tons to 610 tons and shot capacities ranging from 1.3 oz to 80 oz. We can meet any of your custom injection molding needs using different types of plastics including ABS, PC, PP, Nylong and so on. We produce custom injection molded finished products and parts for direct shipment to oversea end customers  We produce standard and custom plastic products for various industries including Automotive, House hold application, Medical and more.  HS MOLD is a manufacturer of thermoplastic injection molding services including new product development, plastic mold design, mold making, custom injection molding, final product assembly, mold making, and prototype…

    Mold making April 27, 2021
  • How to Make PVC Pipe Fitting Mould

    The PVC Pipe Fitting Elbow are mainly used  as structural parts in automotive and home appliances, such as  Elbow Auto Parts , Vacuum Cleaner Hose Elbow Handle etc. Relatively speaking, vacuum cleaner products are second only to OA office supplies and auto parts in complexity. The following is a set of elbow mold that we have designed and made in house. HS Mold is a leading manufacturer for PVC pipe fitting mold, pipe fitting mould, pvc ball valve mold and pvc pipe fitting mold manufacturers ,pvc plastic pipe fitting mold, pvc pipe fitting injection molding, PP-R molds in house in Dongguan.

    Mold making April 19, 2021