• Plastic Pallet Mold solution

    We  design and manufacture the large plastic pallet mould with special filter system, allowing the use of recycled plastic material during the injection molding process . Our manufacturing process  has a low impact on the environment. Pallet size is 1300x1300x300mm and each pallet weighs 4KG. Cycle time is 6 minutes. We use injection molding machines of 2000 Ton for the production. We provide turn-key tooling solution to light-weight pallet,Euro Pallet, plastic skids,recyled pallets, stackable pallets and pallet container. The pallets we manufacture  can pass the drop test, loading test and all the chemical solutions for industrial pallet standard requirement.  Reach out to learn more about how we could assist your pallet project  

  • Why mold venting is important? And how to vent a injection mold?

    Every mold maker knows that proper mold venting is crucial for manufacturing quality plastic injection molded parts. During the injection molding process, the air existing in the mold needs to be released, otherwise the melt will compress and trap that air in the cavity, causing burnings,short shots, bubbles, welding lines or cracks in the molded plastic part. How do you vent the mold? There are a few nonstandard venting solutions that can be added to cavity venting to improve mold performance as below:     1.Open vent groove directly Usually the vent groove, or vent channel are machined on the flat surface in either peripheral or direct way. There are primary and secondary venting channels.          2. Use clearance of ejector pins and ejector sleeve. There is clearance of around 0.01-0.02mm between ejector pins & ejector sleeves and core/cavity. This could be used as “natural” vent. In…

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