• Key points that you need to know about when making Radiator Tank Mold

    Over 20 years, HS have been proudly supporting OEMs & Tier I & II suppliers in automotive sector with turnkey tooling manufacturing and engineering solutions that they can depend on .With experience of delivering over 100 high performance tank tooling for motorcycle, automotive cars and other vehicles, HS becomes one of the leading injection tooling manufacturers for radiator assembly plants and OEM production facilities in and out of China.       For long-shaped automotive radiator tank, it is difficult to control warp and deformation only by the conventional method of optimizing injection process as the deformation of the plastic tank are caused by many factors such as uneven cooling, uneven shrinkage, uneven orientation, and corner effects. Therefore, usually adopt Pre-deformation compensation technology to preset amount of deformation and offset or reduce deformation of product after mold is released. HS engineering team consider below fives crucial steps as the keyps that leads to the success of your tank project.   UseMoldflow to calculate…

    Plastic Injection Mold February 24, 2022
  • Mold cavity has a smooth-polished surface and your ABS molding part is too dull?

    Have you ever met the case when the cavity steel has been polished as high as possible but the ABS molded part is still not at the gloss needed? The problem may be related to mould, material, processing, or combinations thereof. Look at below information to find the root cause.   Plastic injection Mold   Surface of cavity steel is not clean Oil or water stain on the surface of cavity steel, and too much release agent applied during the process of abs injection molding, all this create a dull appreance. In this case, clean the mould and control the use of mold release agents.   Mold or Part design   When the wall stock varies, it is very difficult to maintain consistent gloss on the part. Depending on the flow pattern, thinner wall sections may not be exposed to as much plastic pressure, and the result is excess gloss in that area. The same effect can happen when the…

    Injection molding process March 10, 2020