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What is 5052 aluminum used for?

  • 5052  aluminum is a popular aluminium alloy in the manufacturing of in marine components. Since it doesn’t contain any copper, it won’t get corroded in a saltwater environment. Besides, it has higher resistance to slightly alkaine contitions comprating to other alloys of 5000 series. Therefore 5052 aluminum is an excellent alloy in the application of marine and chemical industry and used frequently in marine enviroment.If a company is manufacturing aluminum hull boats, aircraft components,marine and transportation industry parts, heavy duty cooking utensils and equipment for bulk processing of food, alloy like 5052 or 5083 is the way to go.

  • 5052F light weight aluminum consists of 2.5% magnesium & 0.25% chromium, which has excellent forming properties, weldability, very good corrosion resistance, and medium static strength. Therefore it is used for precision cnc machining and the production of automobile gas tank, engine cover panels, trunks, car doors, etc, which can enhance vehicle functionality and also reduce fuel intake

  • 5052 aluminum has a higher strength-to-weight proportion than low-carbon steel. For that reason, 5052 aluminum plates are often used in larger squeezed areas of vehicles, which not just enhances security, yet also improves performance.

Aluminum 5052F Machining process

Aluminium 5052F is easily machinable by standard techniques.

It is not a type of hot worked alloy. It is very easily cold formable in the annealed condition, as it is ductile.

We use high speed CNC machine with massive lubrication to prevent thermal distortion of the aluminium workpiece.  CNC Machining is a precess of high machinability and high strength to weight ratio.Sharp devices are essential. High speed steel or tungsten carbide are used. Cuts are deep and also constant, with high cutting speed .

In order to machine this aluminium part following client’s critical specifications, we first had to rough it out followed by stress relief. And then it was semi-finished before final machining to hold very close true-position, flatness, perpendiculars and parallelism.

5052F Aluminium Treatments, and Finishes

F in 5052F indicates that it is as-fabricated, or that the metal material has not had any heat treatment.

There are various finishes that can be applied to Aluminium 5052F Machined Parts, depending on what the end use is going to be.  Some of these surface treatments improve color, friction, surface texture, wear resistance, corrosion ressistance, hardness and more.

  • Smooth machining This is the next step up from the as-machined finish. Depending on the finish requirement you are looking for, polishing aluminium machined parts is achieved by smoothing the surface of the aluminium with sharp tools. After the surface has been polished, it is usually bright anodised and that gives the surface a high gloss finish. This is also a more precise machining method often used for test parts. However, the process still leaves minor machine marks, so it is not good enough for final products.

  • Anodizing Anodising surface treatment could be applied to aluminium 5052F machined part. It is an electro-chemical process that offers a higher, corrosion resistant surface and gets ‘Good as new’ look. The electrolytic anodising process forms a protective oxide film around the aluminium that doesn’t peel off. Most frequently used type of anodising translucent, but a variety of colours could be achieved as well.

Anodising is one of the most widely used surface treatments and can help to improve the property of aluminium machined parts.

  • Abrasion Resistant Surface
  • Base for other Applications
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Decoration with more color alternatives
  • Improve Part Gloss
  • Electrically Insulated
  • eliminates color variations
  • Maintain ‘Good As New’ Look

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