• Plastic Pallet Mold solution

    We  design and manufacture the large plastic pallet mould with special filter system, allowing the use of recycled plastic material during the injection molding process . Our manufacturing process  has a low impact on the environment. Pallet size is 1300x1300x300mm and each pallet weighs 4KG. Cycle time is 6 minutes. We use injection molding machines of 2000 Ton for the production. We provide turn-key tooling solution to light-weight pallet,Euro Pallet, plastic skids,recyled pallets, stackable pallets and pallet container. The pallets we manufacture  can pass the drop test, loading test and all the chemical solutions for industrial pallet standard requirement.  Reach out to learn more about how we could assist your pallet project  

  • Why mold venting is important? And how to vent a injection mold?

    Every mold maker knows that proper mold venting is crucial for manufacturing quality plastic injection molded parts. During the injection molding process, the air existing in the mold needs to be released, otherwise the melt will compress and trap that air in the cavity, causing burnings,short shots, bubbles, welding lines or cracks in the molded plastic part. How do you vent the mold? There are a few nonstandard venting solutions that can be added to cavity venting to improve mold performance as below:     1.Open vent groove directly Usually the vent groove, or vent channel are machined on the flat surface in either peripheral or direct way. There are primary and secondary venting channels.          2. Use clearance of ejector pins and ejector sleeve. There is clearance of around 0.01-0.02mm between ejector pins & ejector sleeves and core/cavity. This could be used as “natural” vent. In…

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  • Key points that you need to know about when making Radiator Tank Mold

    Over 20 years, HS have been proudly supporting OEMs & Tier I & II suppliers in automotive sector with turnkey tooling manufacturing and engineering solutions that they can depend on .With experience of delivering over 100 high performance tank tooling for motorcycle, automotive cars and other vehicles, HS becomes one of the leading injection tooling manufacturers for radiator assembly plants and OEM production facilities in and out of China.       For long-shaped automotive radiator tank, it is difficult to control warp and deformation only by the conventional method of optimizing injection process as the deformation of the plastic tank are caused by many factors such as uneven cooling, uneven shrinkage, uneven orientation, and corner effects. Therefore, usually adopt Pre-deformation compensation technology to preset amount of deformation and offset or reduce deformation of product after mold is released. HS engineering team consider below fives crucial steps as the keyps that leads to the success of your tank project.   UseMoldflow to calculate…

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  • Why Wall Thickness is important for a defect-free plastic?

    Metal parts are often designed with thick walls, while plastic products should ideally maintain uniform wall thickness for uniform flow and less shrinkage as illustrated as below. For plastic parts, a gradual change in wall thickness or uniform wall thickness is recommended to reduce stress concentration and other potential issues. In this article we’ll explore what you need to know about the importance of maintaining proper wall thickness in Injection Moulding manufacturing process Maintain a wall thickness of less than 5mm because thick walls can lead to long cycle times and poor mechanical properties. Avoid large variations in wall thicknesses in order to simplify flow pattern and minimize variations in shrinkage that can lead to warpage. Avoid abrupt changes in wall thickness, as this can create stress concentration areas that may reduce a part’s impact strength. Wall thickness changes should have transition zones that reduce the possibility of stress concentrations, sinks, voids, and…

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  • Analysis on the market of automotive plastic injection mold in China 2021

    China’s automobile production and sales volume has ranked first in the world for 11 consecutive years. China ‘s market share in the global automobile manufacturing industry had increased from 13.78% in 2008 to 28.23% in 2019. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, China’ s automobile production was affected to some extent between 2019 and 2020. Statistic data shows that in 2019 China’s automobile output was 255.3 million units down 8% year on year, and from January to June 2020 was 99.7 million vehicles, down 16.5% year on year. The continuous development of the automobile industry has driven the growth of the auto mold market demand.   Update new model will bring new market opportunity With the intensified competition in the automobile industry, the OEMs will choose to upgrade new models to attract consumers and maintain their brand influence among the consumers.  Therefore, auto makers in many cases have chopped the time it takes to develop a new vehicle from previous 4 years to 1-3 years now….

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  • Tooling Design Two-stage ejection Mechanism

    What is double ejection? Some complex plastic parts often have undercuts that are too deep to be ejected directly by neither lifters nor slides.  After ejection, the molding parts may still rest on top of the ejector pins,so another stage of ejection is needed to clear the parts. This typical solution is called double ejection system which  s can be a mechanical system driven or supplemented by air or hydraulics.   Second ejection mechanism: Add an extra set of ejector plate. The first set of ejector plate that is attached to the A plate(referred as Ejector Assembly A) is to complete the first stage of ejection while the ejector plate attached to B plate (referred as Ejector Assembly B)  is to complete the second stage of ejection as shown in Figure1. Figure 1 Add series of springs or nylon plugs to make sure that both ejector assembly A and B are attached…

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  • Sourcing Plastic injection molds from China 101, Part 1: characteristics of tooling companies from China

    Are you trying to find a plastic injection mold manufacturer in China who is well-suited to your needs and can also deliver on their promises?And if you are new to sourcing from China, the first thing you should do is to overview the internal characteristics of tooling companies for better understanding and support of proposed business models. Here are the questions you should ask before asking quote from a tooling shop in China. Is the tooling shops foreign invested or Taiwan/HK Invested or Private ? This is an important question as the type of the company may impact your mold cost greatly. In general, there are 3 types of mold companies and each has their advantage and disadvantages. A. Starting from 1990s, many US and European plastic tooling companies started building their own facility in China according to their industry standard. In early stage, larger plastic factories were mostly founded by entrepreneurs from Western countries. In terms…

  • How to Find a Good Mold Maker in China During COVID-19?

    As COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact every part of our lives, the usual routes of travelling to China and visiting tooling shops are not accessible during this time of social distancing..Meanwhile, the number of mold makers in China grows exponentially every year. Now you can use the internet to search for the right molding company,but the stream of websites will be overwhelming for you to narrow down. How can you separate the reliable ones from those who are not up to the standard? These are the things you need to consider when you’re looking for a good mold maker in China. Check if mold makers offerPrototyping Services A good mold maker respects your idea and turns it into reality. Request prototypes to test your product’s feasibility or if you just want to see how the part will look. Prototyping is a way of making a finished product without building a tool by means of CNC machining ,3D printing or…

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  • Why Use Foam Injection Molding ?

    China has started ban of the production and sale of cars using traditional fuels. At present, Nissan, BAIC, Volvo, Changan Automobile and other car companies have announced their schedule of phasing out fuel vehicles and move towards of development of new electric vehicle.  However, subjected to the mileage of electric vehicles, lightweight issue has become one of the tops ones that needs to be addressed urgently by vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, Micro-foam injection molding technology technology is more and more widely used.     What is Foam Injection Molding? Injection Foam Molding is a low-pressure process where molten resin is injected with nitrogen gas or a chemical blowing agent. The resin is then shot into the cavity, without overfilling or packing it out. The blowing agent or gas then expands to push the molten resin to the extremities of the cavities. As the part cools, the internal pressure of the foaming action takes up the internal shrinkage and reduces sinks over ribs or heavy cross-sections.  …

  • How to Select the Right Tool Steel for Your Injection Mold

    When it comes up to the process of selecting right steel for your plastic injections molds, there are a few thing need to be taken into account such as the plastic material you’ll be molding, injection molding cycle-time expectations,plastic part design requirement, expected production volume, injection molding mold costs and etc. These articles here are just to offer some guidance that we should consider when deciding the right steel for the construction of plastic molds. Most commonly used mold steels are P20、718、718H、S136、S136H、NAK80、NAK55、738、738H、S55C、H13、SKD、 DF2、8407、2311 NAK80 . There are always two sides to every coin, so it’s important to know all angels to understand the long-term manufacturing cost VS. just the up-front tooling costs. If you need a steel that is wear-resistant, you are looking at a hardened tool steel of HRC48-52. H13 or 2344 will be your ideal choices due to the fact that H-13 has a good combination of shock and abrasion resistance, and good red hardness.  This material can withstand rapid cooling and it resists premature heat checking.  As a…

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