• How to get rid of bubble on plastic injection molded part?

    One of the top 10 common defects in molded parts is bubbles. After demolding from the press, bubble or bump may occur shortly on the plastic area where the back of metal insert lies or where plastic wall is too thick. This is due to the expanded gas released by the plastic that are not completed cooled and molded under the action of internal pressure. The troublesome part defect not only results in appearance problems but impairs physical properties as well. In troubleshooting bubbles, many molders make the mistake of guessing at what the bubbles are, and then immediately start adjusting process parameters to eliminate them, only to find that the defect is really difficult to solve. At as a injection molder with over 20 years of experience, HS Mold has our own “unique secret ” to tackle such issue. No need too much talking. Look at below examples. Description Part name Automotive Rear…

    Injection molding process October 13, 2019


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