• Case Analysis of Defects in Car Door Panel

    There are normally four Interior door pannels in a car, including Front, Rear, Left and Right parts which are usullay made from PP material. As known, the quality is demanding for these A class plastic parts. No visible defect is allowed. However, ejector mark is a  commonly seen defect that is difficult to overcome with most injection molder. Below is a study case to show that how HSMold solves the headache. name Car door panel Injection pressure 40MPA     material PP Adhesive method Side gate Holding pressure 18MPA colour gray weight 1400G         The picture below shows the ejector mark defect of car door panel. There is a around ejector rod on the back of the white mark. This defect greatly affects the aesthetics of the car door panel,which is  an unacceptable 1) Possible cause analysis and improvement measures Possible cause: The main reason for the ejector…

    Injection molding process November 5, 2019


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