• Injection Molds for Expansion Tank Mounting Plate 

    More and more China mold makers are involved in manufacturing plastic injection molds for Engine Coolant Recovery Tank Mount . However, the warp issue caused by plastic PA66+30GF is always a big challenge to overcome. To handle the injection tooling project of  Radiator Expansion Tank Mounting Plate, it requires consolidating force from each team including mold flow/design/machining/QC. And the whole team must own rich experience, otherwise the critical dimensions are difficult to be achieved and mold has been changed again and again. For most companies, core and cavity needs to be replaced at least one time. Dumping away blocks is quite commonly seen. Mold Flow. Use Mold flow to calculate the warp and gate location with the size normally between4-6mm. Now here is the question, a lot of mold makers complaint about that the result from Mold flow differs greatly with actual result. According to our years of experience, mold flow reading is feasible, but…

    Plastic Injection Mold January 29, 2020
  • Automotive Water Expansion Tank

    This is the upper cover of Automotive Water Expansion Tank for a branded automotive company. We are a manufacturer of radiator expansion tank. The material is PP. The part features with a long BOSS and round undercut of 1mm. The BOSS structured with a round pin on the cavity followed by forced demolding. In most shops, slides are usually used to form the feature but this is a waste of money considering the quantity of the products. So we use insert to make the BOSS. Since undercut is to assembly the water tube, we have to keep tight control on the undercut measurement. After forced demolding, the size of would become smaller. So we have to check the dimension of of undercut after trial and then use mirror EDM to machine until we get the right size. This process usually has to been repeated over 2-3 times. For the Coolant…

    Plastic Injection Mold January 28, 2020


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