CleanApp Mac 5.1.3 Crack Full Version Free

CleanApp Mac 5.1.3 Crack Full Version Free

CleanApp Mac 5.1.3 Crack Free Download

CleanApp is your best choice if your Mac gets more full every day. CleanApp 5 gives you insights how to recover disk space. CleanApp 5 allows you to locate and delete all the files on your hard drives. CleanApp allows you to remove any software that you have removed from Mac OS X, but left behind files and folders.

CleanApp Mac

Normaly, only the program package goes to the garbage. This means that there could be multiple documents that you do not know about. This is a time-consuming and inefficient way to search through them all.

CleanApp Mac

CleanApp is one program that I have included in my list of rival programs, but it has not made it to the end of this article. If you are looking for a Mac that is free from garbage and rambles files, you should give CleanApp an opportunity before you try another program in our Mac Package. This is why the program keeps track of any program that has been installed on your computer. CleanApp eliminates any unwanted programs when it is time for them to be removed.

It will remove files and apps you do not use, unnecessary documents, junk folders, etc., which will also delete the items that are not needed and are wasting your Hard Disk. You’ll be able create a backup to ensure that the data you’re deleting has been deleted completely. If the backup fails, you can always restore it. Logging is also included in the program. It will compile a report showing all of the programs that were used during the day.

CleanApp Mac


  • This tool is extremely useful in cleaning up disk space
  • You can track every component of an uninstalled App


  • Won’t remove all traces of some programs
  • Can remove vital shared components between programs


CleanApp Mac

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