• How to fix flow mark on cosmetic medical plastics?

    In the process of plastic injection molding, it is common to see flow mark on plastic parts. Flow marks are lined patterns, often wavy, or discoloration on a part surface. For cosmetic medical plastics, the look is usually very critical and flow mark is a defect that must be eliminated. Cause of flow mark Flow mark defect could be traced to one of three sources,  the resin or dditives used, the injection molding process, or the mold itself. Resin Resin manufacturers supply specific formulations in a range of standard flow rates. Thin-walled products may require an easy flow material while thick-walled products can use a material that has a stiffer consistency. It is better to use the stiffest flow possible because it improves physical properties of the molded part. However, the stiff material will require higher injection pressures, which may blow the mold open and cause flash at the parting…

    Injection molding process September 12, 2019


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