Custom auto part

Product name Custom auto part
Product Material POM
Product Type Automotive part
Process Injection molding
Runner Cold sprue
Cavity 1X1

This is a cold sprue injection mold for auto parts and the material plastic is POM.POM material has a low melting point,have a pungent smell after melting, is prone to air marks, and is difficult to change through tuning ..During the mold test, two issus come up.

Custom auto part
Custom auto part

Issue: Too much delamination on the part surface.


Remedy: A.Increase shooting speed


B.Improve mold venting  


Custom auto part

Issue:Demolding difficulties and there is delamination on part surface


  1. This peeling is because there are other rubbers in the barrel, and other rubbers should be cleaned first.
  2. The front membrane receives hot water. Improved mold release through thermal expansion and contraction


The shrinkage problem of POM products is serious, It is best to cool the freshly produced product in cold water first.

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