• Custom Precision aluminium CNC Turning parts

    Custom Precision aluminium CNC Turning parts These sets of CNC machined components are made from aluminium plus posterior surface treatment of sand blasting followed by blue anodized oxidation. Sand blasting is a process used to propel very fine bits of metal at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface so that the metal surface looks perfect without any defect. Besides, it helps to improve the mechanical property of the metal parts. The gloss degree of the sand blast parts could improve 0.5-1 degree. The even dent on part surface could save lubricating oil as well and keep the life of aluminium parts longer.  Thus sand blasting process is widely used in products of C communication, textile machinery, airline precise parts and medical parts and more. One issue should be noted is that either sand blasting or anodized oxidation might change the dimension of the parts. Thus it is important to…

    Plastic products September 15, 2019


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