• Design Fan Gate In Injection Mold

    What is fan gate? Fat gate, namely ,the shape of the gate looks like a fan.Fan gate is usually used on multi-cavity molds or two-plate molds. It is a common edge gate located located in the sidewalll of the part to prevent restriction of resin flow. Since the gate could distribute melt resin into the cavity more evenly, thus it is normally applicable to parts that require a high degree of flatness and absence of flow lines. It also minimizes the possibility of part warpage and helps to maintain dimensional stability.     From above pictures we could see that the fan gate has shortcomings as well. Since the gate is too wide and it may increase labor cost  to degate after molding. Besides the gate is long leaving visible trimming mark, it may affect cosmetic look as well. And there is high potentiality for air entrapment if not carefully…

    Mold making January 6, 2020


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