• High Performance of Molded Fiberglass Products

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic are composite materials made of polyester, usually thermoset resin,glass fiber and filler in custom fiberglass molding  process. Generally speaking, most of the glass fiber reinforced materials can be used to create large, complex structures in any number of geometric shapes, including contoured and rounded FRP Molded Products.  Thermoset polymers used as resins in the manufacture of reinforced plastic includes PP, ABS, PA66, PA6, PC, POM, PPO, PET, PBT, PPS, etc.. Fiber reinforced plastics are overall a highly advantageous material providing a number of benefits in a wide variety of areas from physical properties to resistances to aesthetics.   Advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic 1.Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a high-temperature resistant material, therefore, the heat-resistant temperature of reinforced plastics is much higher than that non-reinforced polymers, especially nylon plastics.  FRP is a durable material which can last years in extreme hot weathers and temperatures with minimal wear. With theaddition of glass fiber,the reinforced plastic restricts the plastic movement between the…

    Mold making February 14, 2020


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