• Mold design-How to choice the Gate location

     Basic function of gate   The gate is the bridge of runner and the cavity, and also the last stage of injection system of injection mold.   1) Enforce the molten plastic from the runner to enter each cavity at the fastest speed.   2)Once the cavity is fully filled, the gate can be quickly cooled and sealed to prevent the uncooled plastic in the cavity from returning.     How to design gate   There are no set rules to flollow on how to design the injection gate. It is done mostly based on experience, but there are two basic elements that must be considered:   The larger the cross-sectional area of the gate, the better, and the shorter the length of the gate, the better to reduce the pressure loss when the molten plastic passes through.   The gate must be narrow in order tomake the gate cool down easilyand…

    Mold design October 10, 2020


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