Why Choose US

Strong Technical support

Our engineering team is combined of 15 stuff, 10 are CAD designers and 5 are project engineers. Most of them start as green hand from the workshop and acculate rich manufacturing experience from thousands of molds we built over years. So we never do design just on the “paper”.

Good Pricing

We are located in Dongguan, South of China where the best quality of moulds are manufactured. As a factory, we are not cheapest, but we are the best choice if you are looking for a supplier that could strike a perfect balance between quality and pricing. Mold building with us offers significant cost savings compared that of development countries.

Quality Warranty

50% of our customers are from Japan and 10% is from German. We have a developed a strict system to control quality through the whole project from R & D to shipment with a complete set of PPAP record.

About HS Mold

Better Alternative Better Tooling

HS Mold Company is a leading China custom mold maker, injection molder and manufacturer of plastic components and assemblies. We are a diverse plastic injection mold and molding company servicing the medical, automotive, defense/aerospace, and commercial/consumer products industries, with low-volume plastic injection molding, high-volume plastic injection molding, simple to complex molding, prototype injection molding to full production, all while delivering high-quality end products.

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