• Injection Mold Design Basics  

    Plastic injection mold is the foundation of the success of  custom plastic part and we mainly discuss the design basics  you need to know when developing your plastic project in this series of articles. Designing plastic injection mold for manufacturability is the first step in making a high-quality part. Before start, we need to understand what is the standard of a well-designed mold.  The basic function of a mold is two fold. Firstly it should impart shape to the part secondly it should cool the molded part. The number of cavities mainly depends up on the production volume requirement. But it is also related to the size and weight of the parts which in turn determines the machine capacity required. It is also important to design a mold that will safely absorb the forces of clamping, injection and ejection. Further more the mold lay out should be balanced which will ensure proper filling and…

    Mold design January 8, 2020


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