• How to Select the Right Tool Steel for Your Injection Mold

    When it comes up to the process of selecting right steel for your plastic injections molds, there are a few thing need to be taken into account such as the plastic material you’ll be molding, injection molding cycle-time expectations,plastic part design requirement, expected production volume, injection molding mold costs and etc. These articles here are just to offer some guidance that we should consider when deciding the right steel for the construction of plastic molds. Most commonly used mold steels are P20、718、718H、S136、S136H、NAK80、NAK55、738、738H、S55C、H13、SKD、 DF2、8407、2311 NAK80 . There are always two sides to every coin, so it’s important to know all angels to understand the long-term manufacturing cost VS. just the up-front tooling costs. If you need a steel that is wear-resistant, you are looking at a hardened tool steel of HRC48-52. H13 or 2344 will be your ideal choices due to the fact that H-13 has a good combination of shock and abrasion resistance, and good red hardness.  This material can withstand rapid cooling and it resists premature heat checking.  As a…

    Plastic Injection Mold May 13, 2021
  • What is Mould Shrinkage?

    Shrinkage is a characteristic of resin which occurs during plastic injection molding process. Different resins have different mold shrinkages. Crystalline and semi-crystalline materials exhibit higher shrinkage than amorphous materials. Unreinforced plastics have higher shrinkage than reinforced grades. It is important that the grade of material be selected before the injection mold tooling is constructed and that the proper mold shrinkage be specified.   Mold shrinkage rate can vary with part and tool design: thick walls will have higher shrinkage rates than thin, variation in section thickness can cause differential shrinkage and warpage;flow direction will effect shrinkage,particularly with glass fiber-reinforced grades       Shrinkage in mould is also influenced by process conditions. As cavity pressure increases,shrinkage typically will decrease. The plastic injection mold and melt temperature will also influence shrinkage. Cooler molds will reduce shrinkage while hotter melt temperatures will increase shrinkage especially with semi-crystalline materials.   Contact HS Mold Company for shrinkage recommendations on any of plastic injection molded products. We…

    Mold making February 27, 2020


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