• How to fix injection molding defect: Brittleness

    Nowadays most of our daily products are made from plastic materials.However, many plastic product manufacturers encounter one injection molding defect that happens from time to time and that is part brittleness.  Brittleness appears when the part breaks or cracks upon ejection or after it is ejected during handling.  According to our years of experience,  we found that the the likely causes could be contributed to either Material, Mold, or Machine causes.   Injection molding Process  Cause: (a) the melt temperature is too low (b) The plastic degrades in the shot cylinder, causing cracking of the molecular structure of the plastic. (c)  Mold filling speed is too slow.   Remedy: (a) increase the mold temperature. Keep sufficient supplementary material on the barrel of                              injection molding machine. (b) Reduce the temperature of the shooting tank in all areas.Reduce back pressure.Use…

    Injection molding process October 24, 2019


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