• The Importance of Uniform Wall Thickness in Plastic Part Design

    Want to know how to optimize your plastic part design for manufacturing with uniform wall thickness?   Wall thickness is one of the most important rules of injection molding part design that you should treat it as an essential part of your overall part design This is especially important as wall thickness is considered as one of the most importnat factors that determin the success or failure of the plastic product. In this article we will explore  the importance of maintaining uniform wall thickness to get your project going successfully Why maintain uniform wall thickness?   Metal parts are often designed with thick walls, while plastic products should ideally maintain uniform wall thickness for uniform flow and less shrinkage as illustrated as below. For plastic parts, a gradual change in wall thickness or uniform wall thickness is recommended to reduce stress concentration and other potential issues. Why do we attach so much attention…

    Mold design August 22, 2021


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