•  Guidelines on Insert Molding

    What is Insert Molding? Insert molding is a process of fabricating a finished part by applying a metal part into  moltenres in a mold. As compared to installing inserts into a plastic molded part in a post-molding process, the use of molded-in inserts eliminates the need for secondary installation of the inserts and thereby reduces costs. The mold temperature of INSERT MOLDING process is 65 -120 cels degree, and the material temperature is 260-320 cels degrees. Of course, different raw material ratios have different temperature ranges requirment and the resin producer will provide upper and lower limit temperature with the datasheet.   The upper limit temperature indicates the temperature at which the material begins to carbonize and decompose, while the lower limit temperature indicates the temperature at which the material begins to flow.On one hand, if the molten temperature is lower than the lower limit, the liquidity of the material is insufficient, and the insufficient plasticity of the molding screw can easily break the molding…

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  • Custom auto part fiberglass

    Product name Custom auto part fiberglass Product Material PA+30%GF Product Type Automotive part Process Injection molding Runner Cold sprue Cavity 1X2 This is a cold sprue injection mold for auto parts and the material plastic is   PPA+30%GF。During the mold test, two issus come up. Issue: Too much fiber glass on the part surface Remedy: A.Increase shooting speed   B.Increase injection pressure       Issue: Poor venting and there is air trap on part surface Remedy: Increase mold temperature (tentative measures) Increase shoot temperature(temtavie measures) Improve mold venting (effective solution)     Our factory is equipped with various size of injection machine ranging in tonnage from 55 tons to 610 tons and shot capacities ranging from 1.3 oz to 80 oz. We can meet any of your custom injection molding needs using different types of plastics including ABS, PC, PP, Nylong and so on. We produce custom injection molded finished products and parts for direct shipment to…

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  • Everything you need to know about Insert mold  

    What is injection molding process? INSERT MOLDING is a type of injection molding. It is the process of molding thermoplastic material around an metal part to create a finished part that incorporates multiple materials.   The inserts for INSERT Moulds are typically metal stamping or thread parts.   The inserts are most commonly made of metal, typically brass, aluminum or stainless steel.  Threaded inserts are readily available in a number of standard sizes.  Bushings, sleeves and other simple metal forms are also used. Before injection molding, the inserts are placed on a fixed position in the mold and thermoplastics is injected into the mold to form the part. Most moldable thermoplastic resins are compatible with the insert molding process. This kind of products are usually used as structural parts in product development, and the strength requirements of the products are higher, so plastic material containing glass fiber (GF) is often chosen, and the content of GF in…

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  • Customer-specific parts

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Customer-specific parts Injection molding machine 120T ` material ABS Production cycle 30days colour black Gate method Side gate

    Plastic products November 23, 2019
  • Automotive Injection Mold

    Automotive Injection Mold Why Automotive Injection Mold for Engine Cover The market is driven by regulatory demands for lower CO₂ emissions. Therefore, we help client to develop and manufacture this Automotive Injection Mold for Engine Cover.  We change the material  from steel to engineering plastics. Weight is reduced and cost saved up to 60 % in comparison to steel without compromising strength.  In this case, plastic provides greater opportunity to manufacture parts that can be molded into complex shapes at a much lower cost than machining metal components. Mechanism of the Automotive Injection Mold This is a very complex tooling. Material is Nylon filled with 35% Fiber Glass. Plastic components made from this material are often superior when it comes to high-impact strength, fatigue life or recoverable deformation. Besides, the plastic engine cover provides better wear surfaces and having lower friction. This is the plastic housing for automotive engine. It…

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