Laser Cutting Spare parts

Laser Cutting Spare parts

These laser cutting small parts are only 3mm thick and the material is aluminum. It is the link arm for Connection Adjustment Applications for a client from Europe. We use laser cutting process to machine the precision aluminum parts first and then have it anodized in black color. Laser cutting is ideal for machining simple spare parts, faster and more economic. Depending on what types of parts, sometimes we combine laser cutting with CNC to improve efficiency and save cost for client. For the same custom CNC precision parts, there are different ways of machining and the cost is different as well. So it is important to let us know the specific application of your products. We will work out a most optimal way for your project.


As a CNC part exporter over years, we have rich experience not only in how to make your precise parts meet the most strict tolerance but also help to develop your creative idea into economic reality by using different posterior surface treatment processes without compromising the function and cosmetic look.


Before shipment, in addition to provide dimension measurement reports against 2d print, we also need to conduct tests using Roughness tester, Hardness tester,Salt tester and other Environment Tester. Each part will be supplied with steel certificate,SGS report, hardness & roughness report, salt test report.

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