CAD Design

Design and Engineering for Injection Molding

When considering the production process of a new project, mold design is one of the most critical steps in the initial stages. There are many factors that impact a molding project success, such as lead time, quality, planning, customer service and more, but mold design is the decisive factor. Usually when we start working on the design, a detailed DFM covering all aspects of the molded parts need to be done so that all predictable issues could be avoided in advance.

When DFM is confirmed, the new step is to complete Mold Flow Analysis. Mold flow and simulation is a critical aspect of efficient mold design and build operations, which helps to identify problems and improvements before the mold is built. Mold flow analysis reports cover melt management and strategies, finite element analysis, root cause analysis, cooling analysis, warpage analysis, processing evaluation, etc. It becomes an unavoidable step in our design process. With Mold flow analysis, a lot of possible issues could be simulated and discovered for correction at design stage, thus to reduce manufacturing cost waste after trial is done.


With our engineering team of 10 experienced engineers, HS cooperates with customer on part design at the early phase of the project. We sincerely trust that our knowledge and experience in plastic products will assist our customers to develop high quality, cost effective product.

Our design/engineering technologies include:

  • Pro/Engineer/UG (3D)
  • AutoCad (2D)
  • Moldflow analysis (Plastic flow/deform simulation)
  • MasterCam (CNC Programming)