• Sourcing Plastic injection molds from China 101, Part 1: characteristics of tooling companies from China

    Are you trying to find a plastic injection mold manufacturer in China who is well-suited to your needs and can also deliver on their promises?And if you are new to sourcing from China, the first thing you should do is to overview the internal characteristics of tooling companies for better understanding and support of proposed business models. Here are the questions you should ask before asking quote from a tooling shop in China. Is the tooling shops foreign invested or Taiwan/HK Invested or Private ? This is an important question as the type of the company may impact your mold cost greatly. In general, there are 3 types of mold companies and each has their advantage and disadvantages. A. Starting from 1990s, many US and European plastic tooling companies started building their own facility in China according to their industry standard. In early stage, larger plastic factories were mostly founded by entrepreneurs from Western countries. In terms…

  • How to find a reliable mold manufacturer in China/HS Mold

    A client who just start s up his new injection molding company recently inquired me about how to qualify Chinese supply chain for injection molds.  It is said that choice is more important than effort. Yes, choice is more important, choose correctly is far more important. Only by going in the right direction, your road will be smoother, otherwise, no matter how much effort you put in, all will be wasted. This is very true for selecting a qualified mold maker from China . A good mould manufacturer  save you a tremendous amount of time, money, and headache without sacrificing quality. In this article I’ll explain how we could go from having no contacts in China to successfully complete audit on injection mold manufacturers.   1 Start building a list of 5 suppliers with whom you can communicate directly.Comb through the different resources to search and identify the appropriate manufacturers for your injection…

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