• Top 10 plastic molding companies in China

    In this article, we aim to help you in your molding supplier search, we have compiled information on the top custom plastic injection molding companies in CHINA. Domestic Custom Injection Molding Companies We have compiled a list of plastic molding companies and mold manufacturers with information on all the CHINA providers of custom injection molding services. Companies are ranked in descending order of company size in number of employees.   Company Headquarters Number of Employees HS MOLD COMPANY Dongguan 100-199 WENYI THINITY CO. LTD. Tonglin 100-199 Changhong Technology Company ShenZhen 100-199 Shanghai Kroning Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. (Kroning) ShangHai 100-199 Sichuan Yibin Push Mold Co., Ltd. (Push) SiChuan 100-199 Shenzhen Xubang Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. (Xubang) ShenZhen 100-199 Himile Group Co., Ltd. (Haomai) Gaomi 100-199 Kunshan Daliang Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. (Daliang) KunShang 100-199 Weihai Youshan Precision Mould Co., Ltd. (Youshan) WeiHai 100-199 Shenzhen Jinggongda Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. (Jigongda) ShenZhen 100-199 Table 1: Top Domestic Custom Injection…

    Industry news May 26, 2020


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