• What is two shot injection molding?

    Two shot injection Molding, also called over-molding multi- component or 2K Injection molding, employs separate injection points for each material in a sequential process. After initial portion material or component is molded, the core half of the mold holding the part is rotated to another, cavity where a second resin is injected.  Below is a simple diagram to illustrate theory of twin shot injection molding.     There are 3 types of two shot injection molding.   Co-Injection Molding: Sequential injection into the same core / One material as the skin , one as the core of the products. Materials can be from the same type and/or be different internal /core.     Multi-Color Injection Molding: Part are same plastic material but usually different Material bond each other, but clearly separated.     § Multi-Material Injection Molding: Partmade of different plastic materials. Materialbond but usually clearly separated. Twin shop injection molding is easy to understand, but it’s…

    Mold making December 21, 2019


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