• Plastic Pallet Mold solution

    We  design and manufacture the large plastic pallet mould with special filter system. This allowing the use of recycled plastic material during the injection molding process . Our manufacturing process  has a low impact on the environment. Below is the detail of our mold:   Pallet size is 1300x1300x300mm and each pallet weighs 4KG. Cycle time is 6 minutes. We use injection molding machines of 2000 Ton for the production.   In addition, we provide turn-key tooling solution to light-weight pallet,Euro Pallet, plastic skids,recyled pallets, stackable pallets and pallet container. The pallets we manufacture  can pass the drop test, loading test and all the chemical solutions for industrial pallet standard requirement.    Reach out to learn more about how we could assist your pallet project. Also please follow us on Linkedin to keep latest update.  



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