• What is plastic blush and how to fix it?

    One of most common seen molding defects is discoloration. It is a cloudy or hazy discoloration of the plastic on the surface of a finished part, but when you check the mold surface, you won’t see this on it.The defect is not only in color but also gloss visually unappealing, the plastic in that area can be weaker than in the rest of the part. Sometimes, no matter how hard you adjust the molding parameter, the issue is still there. It is more serious on textured plastic surface, some area is is dark cloudy while the rest is gloss. The whole part looks annoying. For some parts that require high image, application of painting to cover the defect maybe a choice, which may increase production cost as well. However, money could not solve all issues. Some products are environmental and require flame retardant, the discoloration becomes a challenge that puzzles a lot of technicians . This…

    Injection molding process October 9, 2019


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