• How to source a plastic injection molding company in China?

    Plastic injection molding is the process using polymers or plastic resins that when heated, melted and injected under high pressure into a custom injection mold, will produce plastic parts to be utilized in product manufacturing. The manufacturing process can be a complicated one and there are many factors such as industry needs, specifications, end-users time/budget constrains to consider when choosing a plastic injection molder in China that best suits your production requirements. Volume Specialization & Capacity: With more than10000 injection molders of different size all over China, selecting the best injection company for your project can be a chanllenging task. The best is to start with narrowing down your options according to your volume and size requirements. High volume molders specialize in project requiring over 500,000 parts and typically produce parts requiring small-sized molds and press under 350 Ton. Usually the injection machines are equipped with robot systems to increase efficiency while saving more pennies. Low to moderate volume molders…

    Industry news June 10, 2020


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