• Custom car parts

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Custom car parts Injection molding machine 480T ` material ABS+PC Production cycle 45days colour black  

    Plastic products November 26, 2019
  • An quick tip to improve injection molding process within 5 minutes

    Well, this is an important technique that could help injection molders to improve molding process within a few minutes. The technique could be summarized briefly with a few words “first fast and then slow shoot”,i.e, first rate injection speed until the fill is complete on the  preset position and then use second rate slower shoot which usually starts at the end of fill. Rapid injection speed helps to maintain the temperature of the molten plastic and overcome the resistance from mould cavity, which gets  the plastic fill completed smoothly. On the other hand, the slower shoot   is a good way to vent the trapped air, preventing flash and shrinkage problems. Skilled Application of this technique can also help to trouble shoot many difficult molding problems .   1.It can be used to solve the trouble of trapped air in injection molded parts,including air stuck in “dead corners”   2.It is used…

    Injection molding process November 25, 2019
  • Custom medical equipment

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Custom medical equipment Injection molding machine 300T ` material ABS+TPE Production cycle 45days colour

    Plastic products November 24, 2019
  • Plastic housing products B

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Plastic housing products Injection molding machine 480T ` material ABS Production cycle 45days colour  Black  

    Plastic products November 22, 2019
  • Plastic Remote control housing

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Remote control housing Weight 33.4g material ABS+PC Production cycle 30days colour light grey  

    Plastic products November 21, 2019
  • Custom auto parts

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Custom auto parts Injection molding machine 480T ` material ABS Production cycle 45days colour Black This product from HSmold can withstand magnification and the appearance details are very good.

    Plastic products November 19, 2019
  • How to avoid Gloss difference and Color Streaks in the plastic molded parts?

    Generally black Specks or gloss difference on plastic molded parts can tracked back to three sources : the mold itself ,the processing of the material in the mold  and the material being used to make the part.  Mold The surface of the plastic part is the reproduction of the cavity surface of the plastic mold.Therefore, if there are scratches, corrosion,small pit and other defects on the surface of cavity steel, all will appear on the surface of plastic molded parts as defects. When grease mark, excessive moisture, or improper use of mold release agent,  the surface of the plastic part will show different color gloss. So the cavity surface should be maintained in a gloss condition through mirror polishing or chromium plating. Meanwhile cavity surface must be kept clean with oil and water stains being removed in a timely manner.The type and amount of release agent should be appropriate. In addition, the other mold failure, such as the…

    Injection molding process November 18, 2019
  • Custom plastic part of Children tableware

    Product parameters Injection parameters name Children tableware Injection molding machine 480T ` material ABS+TPE Production cycle 30days colour Pink、and white Gate method Side gate The product made by HSmold uses ABS material in the main part of the bowl and cutlery, which is safe and non-toxic. TPE material was used on the surface of the bowl and the handle portion of the fork. There is no FLASH in the product gunm, which feels very good and is very popular among children.

    Plastic products November 17, 2019
  • Car headlights Car headlights

    With the development of national economy, automobile industry has become the pillar industry of the country. At present, the rapid development of automobile industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for automobile lighting. Car headlights use the most popular injection mould double injection mold.   The quality of the lighting of the automobile is very important to the safety of the driving, so the laws and regulations of all the countries in the world today have strict requirements for the lighting of the automobile. The design of the lamp not only meets the safety requirements of the regulations, but also meets the requirements of some other aspects, such as the shape of the whole automobile, is beautiful and practical, meets the requirements of the aerodynamics, and makes the driver and the passenger feel comfortable and convenient. Therefore, the design technology of the lamp is changing with the development of…

    Plastic products October 31, 2019
  • How to fix injection molding defect: Brittleness

    Nowadays most of our daily products are made from plastic materials.However, many plastic product manufacturers encounter one injection molding defect that happens from time to time and that is part brittleness.  Brittleness appears when the part breaks or cracks upon ejection or after it is ejected during handling.  According to our years of experience,  we found that the the likely causes could be contributed to either Material, Mold, or Machine causes.   Injection molding Process  Cause: (a) the melt temperature is too low (b) The plastic degrades in the shot cylinder, causing cracking of the molecular structure of the plastic. (c)  Mold filling speed is too slow.   Remedy: (a) increase the mold temperature. Keep sufficient supplementary material on the barrel of                              injection molding machine. (b) Reduce the temperature of the shooting tank in all areas.Reduce back pressure.Use…

    Injection molding process October 24, 2019


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