• Automotive Injection Mold

    Automotive Injection Mold Why Automotive Injection Mold for Engine Cover The market is driven by regulatory demands for lower CO₂ emissions. Therefore, we help client to develop and manufacture this Automotive Injection Mold for Engine Cover.  We change the material  from steel to engineering plastics. Weight is reduced and cost saved up to 60 % in comparison to steel without compromising strength.  In this case, plastic provides greater opportunity to manufacture parts that can be molded into complex shapes at a much lower cost than machining metal components. Mechanism of the Automotive Injection Mold This is a very complex tooling. Material is Nylon filled with 35% Fiber Glass. Plastic components made from this material are often superior when it comes to high-impact strength, fatigue life or recoverable deformation. Besides, the plastic engine cover provides better wear surfaces and having lower friction. This is the plastic housing for automotive engine. It…

    Plastic Injection Mold October 11, 2019


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