• Mold cavity has a smooth-polished surface and your ABS molding part is too dull?

    Have you ever met the case when the cavity steel has been polished as high as possible but the ABS molded part is still not at the gloss needed? The problem may be related to mould, material, processing, or combinations thereof. Look at below information to find the root cause.   Plastic injection Mold   Surface of cavity steel is not clean Oil or water stain on the surface of cavity steel, and too much release agent applied during the process of abs injection molding, all this create a dull appreance. In this case, clean the mould and control the use of mold release agents.   Mold or Part design   When the wall stock varies, it is very difficult to maintain consistent gloss on the part. Depending on the flow pattern, thinner wall sections may not be exposed to as much plastic pressure, and the result is excess gloss in that area. The same effect can happen when the…

    Injection molding process March 10, 2020


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