• Custom auto part

    Product name Custom auto part Product Material POM Product Type Automotive part Process Injection molding Runner Cold sprue Cavity 1X1 This is a cold sprue injection mold for auto parts and the material plastic is POM.POM material has a low melting point,have a pungent smell after melting, is prone to air marks, and is difficult to change through tuning ..During the mold test, two issus come up. Issue: Too much delamination on the part surface.   Remedy: A.Increase shooting speed   B.Improve mold venting     Issue:Demolding difficulties and there is delamination on part surface Remedy: This peeling is because there are other rubbers in the barrel, and other rubbers should be cleaned first. The front membrane receives hot water. Improved mold release through thermal expansion and contraction TIP: The shrinkage problem of POM products is serious, It is best to cool the freshly produced product in cold water first. Our factory is equipped with…

    Plastic products December 15, 2019
  •  How to Choose the Right Supplier for your Mold Project?

    As the development of enterprise and society, all electronic products and daily consumer goods are upgraded at a rapid speed. Many product design and development companies are racking their brains to update their own technology to meet the various social demands. Have you ever considered renewing your manufacturing partner’s technology? Here are some tips for your information.   A professional plastic molded company usually owns a technical team that could manage the manufacturing process of plastic injection molds with a complete set of high end equipment including,high speed CNC, Mirror EDM machine, slow wire cutting, precise grinding machine, slow wire cutting, CNC tuning and milling machines, imported injection machines, CMM inspection and more. These shops are suitable t make parts that are perfect in size and cosmetic look. The mold tolerance is around 02mm.     Middle class of injection molders. These shops are equipped with medium equipment, including imported…

    Mold design October 17, 2019


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