• Gate Design-HS Plastic Mold Shop

    What proper gate design is important? The gate serves as the entrance to the mould cavity and should be designed to permit the injection mold to fill easily. It is very important to follow below gate considerations while picking gate location at the early stage of plastic mould design. Gates should not be placed where part-bonding or impact will take place in use. The gate area will usually have higher residual stresses than the rest of the part due to the packing that takes place. Therefore, it will be weaker than the rest of the part. Position the gate to minimize trimming problems. Scissor-type gate cutters, kept sharp, will work smoothly and leave no “blemish” marks. If possible, gate into the thickest section to avoid incomplete fill or sink marks. This will also minimize flow marks and distortion associated with setting into a thick section from a thin one. Position the gate so that venting…

    Mold design February 8, 2020


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