• Injection Molded PP Plastic Part Warp – How To Fix It

    PP is one of the most commonly seen soft plastics on the market. It is applied to a variety of industries including packaging,automotive industry, like Step Pads, and other household products. Though for its wide use, PP is meanwhile is a very flexible, soft material with a relatively low melting point. Because of all these factorers, PP plastic molded part is most liable to get warped under heat,which becomes an annoying headache in daily production. .How to solve the warp on PP plastic parts? According to HS’s over 20 years of practical experience, there are basiclly 3 ways. Improve designIn product design, use reinforced ribs with appropriate size wherever possible. For large area of surface, design it as micro-arc shape with equal wall thickness to reduce the internal stress. Improve processing parameterMost warp in plastic injection molded part is caused by uneven stress. There are only 4 primary plastic processing variables…

    Injection molding process October 12, 2019


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