• Tips on Injection Molding Technolog of POM Plastic parts

      What is POM? POM,,also calles as acetal, Polyoxymethylen is a kind of thermoplastic plastic particles with high hardness and rub resistance. The resin is applied to the production of precisions parts requiring highstiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensionalstability. The POM injectin molding is a crystalline plastic process with an obvious melting point.  Once the melting point is reached, the melt viscosity decreases rapidly. When the temperature exceeds a certain limit or the melt is heated for too long, it will cause decomposition. Copper is a catalyst for POM degradation, therefore avoid using copper or copper materials on the areas contacting with POM melt.   POM plastics   English name: Polyoxymethylene (Polyformaldehyde)   Properties of POM Plastics   Density: 1.41-1.43 g / cubic cm   Molding shrinkage: 1.2–3.0%   Molding temperature: 170-200 ℃   Drying conditions: 80-90 ℃ for 2 hours   Eingeering plastic POM   Reinforced POM   The main reinforcing materials are glass fiber, glass ball or carbon fiber, etc., and glass fiber is…

    Injection molding process December 16, 2019


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