• Why we need Prototype?

    Prototyping is an important step in the process of New Product Development. Prototypes can be inexpensively prepared by CNC machining stock shapes, by thermo-forming them from sheet stock, or simple injection molding tools can be made from soft steel or aluminum. In addition to providing a three dimensional presentation of the design, a prototype allows: Subjecting the part to the chemical and mechanical environment it will endure in real life Accelerated testing for part life Checking compatibility with anticipated secondary assembly operations How to protoype? Prototype molds may be simple or complex, steel or aluminum. Injection molded prototypes from molds that have cooling channels can supply cycle time estimates and guidelines for commercial tooling. Determination of shrinkage factors, optimum gate sizes, vent locations and effect of mold temperature should also be established. Molded prototypes are preferred because flow orientation may influence performance. The latter is particularly important in glass-filled compositions.HS Mold excels in…

    Mold making January 26, 2020


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