• What determines the price of plastic mold?

    As known, no matter what we buy, there are always different levels of quality in proportion with price. The plastic mold industry in China is flooded with companies of different levels. With more and more start-up companies in recent years, the product requirements on domestic market are becoming more and more strict. Some molds produced by certain domestic mold enterprises are in line with the European and American standards. We all know that export plastic molds are more expensive because the standard is not the same. American plastics industry association (SPIAN-102-78) classify plastic molds into five categories. Each type has its own requirements, and this classification is only applicable to plastic injection molds up to 400 tons.   TYPE 1O1 MOLDCycles: One million or moreDescription: Built for extremely high production. This is the highest price mold and is made with only the highest quality materials. The requirements are listed in detail as below:   1) detailed mold design materials are required.  …

    Mold making September 30, 2019


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