• Coolant Expansion Tank

    This is the bottom of Coolant Expansion Tank for a branded automotive company. The material is PP. The part features with two screws. We could use either automated unscrewing system or hand load inserts to release the screws. Since this part is supplied to the after sales 4s car companies, the quantity is not that big.  We use hand load inserts to save manufacturing cost for clients.  For the water tank, the key technology is the part must be flat without any deform and assembly holes must be aligned perfectly. If there is any warp, the two parts could not be vibrated-welding together and water leaks. In order to solve the issue, firstly we have to run mold flow to do a pre-warp analysis so that the warp degree could be calculated and gate position decided. Mold flow is only an assistant tool in theory. Sometimes, mold flow result differs…

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  • Stack Mold Technology & Application  

    Stack Mold Technology & Application This article mainly decribes about Stack Mold Technology & Application in plastic injection molding. What is Stack mold? Stack mold can be described as a mold assembly consisting of a series of single-face molds of the same size, mounted back-to-back or “stacked” next to the other. Without increasing the plastic injection molding machine platen size or tonnage, stack molds double (or more for increased stack mold levels) the output of standard plastic injection molds, increasing molding efficiency and reducing the overall part cost. Stack molds can also produce multi-component assemblies or a family of parts in one shot on one plastic injection molding machine. Most stack molds have an equal number of the same cavities in each side of the mold, or parting surface, but they can also have different cavities in each mold parting surface to produce a family of parts per shot, with each part being a different…

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  • How to fix defects on double injection molding

    This article mainly discusses some of the molding defects that can occur in a part during the process of double injection molding, and ways to fix and avoid them.    Flash Description –2nd material penetrating between 1st material and its’ It observed frequently where 1st material shrinkage is big and cooling time for 1material is too long. It is mainly due to too fast shrinking of 1stmaterial. Optimizing holding pressure & Cooling time to get min shrinking of 1stmaterial till before 2nd shot Select less shrinkage ratematerial for 1st Changing design as preventive Rainbow Description – Because of too high melt temperature or shear, 1st molded material remelt and flow with 2nd § Solution   Lower 2nd material melt temperature or minimize Use low melt resin or low viscosity material as 2nd Changing the sequence of material.( Clear – 1st shot, Opaque- 2nd shot) Washout Description – Because of too high melt temperature or shear,…

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  •  Guidelines on Insert Molding

    What is Insert Molding? Insert molding is a process of fabricating a finished part by applying a metal part into  moltenres in a mold. As compared to installing inserts into a plastic molded part in a post-molding process, the use of molded-in inserts eliminates the need for secondary installation of the inserts and thereby reduces costs. The mold temperature of INSERT MOLDING process is 65 -120 cels degree, and the material temperature is 260-320 cels degrees. Of course, different raw material ratios have different temperature ranges requirment and the resin producer will provide upper and lower limit temperature with the datasheet.   The upper limit temperature indicates the temperature at which the material begins to carbonize and decompose, while the lower limit temperature indicates the temperature at which the material begins to flow.On one hand, if the molten temperature is lower than the lower limit, the liquidity of the material is insufficient, and the insufficient plasticity of the molding screw can easily break the molding…

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  • Things you need to know about Overmolding

    Overmolding injection process is used in many areas to create finished plastic parts and improve product efficiency. Without the process of,we would not have so many consumer  products that everyone wants and needs. Examples of overmolded products would be packing products,cell phones, toothbrush, computer monitors. So how exactly does the overmolding process work and what kind of defects we may see?     What is overmolding?     Overmolding is also called as  two-shot molding, results in parts in which it is clearly evident that more than one material is being used. It is a kind of injection molding process where only part of a product is molded in one material, and that molded piece is manipulated so the second material can be molded around, over, under, or through it to complete the final part. This method is sometimes referred to as in-mold assembly, since the resulting part effectively acts as an assembly of two materials…

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  • Plastic housing for Fingerprint collector

    Mould type overmold Product Material PC+TPE Product Name Plastic housing for Fingerprint collector Manufacturing process overmolding Runner Cold sprue Color Customized   This is a overmolding plastic part with substrate as PC and the injection overmold is composed of TPE which is softer and more flexible. Overmolding is a great injection molding process that connects two separate parts together to save assembly, to provide color contrasts, or to seal an area or to hide known blemishes (such as parting lines) in the substrate. Here at HS Mold, we have have significant in-house injection molding experience. Our factory is equipped with various size of injection machine ranging in tonnage from 55 tons to 610 tons and shot capacities ranging from 1.3 oz to 80 oz. We can meet any of your custom injection molding needs using different types of plastics including ABS, PC, PP, Nylong and so on. We produce custom injection molded finished products and parts for direct shipment to oversea end customers  We produce standard and…

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