Auto Unscrewing Molds for Threaded Cap

Auto Unscrewing Molds

Advantage of Auto Unscrewing Molds

HS Mold, one of leading mold manufacturers in China, develops and and produces custom plastic parts or components with internal and external threads via auto unscrewing molds  across a variety of industries. With injection mold unscrewing mechanism, secondary or thread-cutting operations could be removed, thus reducing cycle time and part cost.


Thread Screw Cap

For decades, we design and manufactures high quality unscrew molds  for Efficiency, Longevity and Performance.   Tapping is considered as part of our value-added services. According to our technical practice, tapped threads tends to be weaker than injection molded threads. Therefore, plastic injection molding screw  is an ideal option in the application of industrial design for screws that require tighter tolerances and stronger screws.

Why Auto Unscrewing Molds

For precision plastic parts or components that has detailed threads,  it is impossible to ejecting the part using knock-off methods.  Threaded screw caps provide a tight and durable seal that keeps out dirt, moisture and other contaminants while protecting the threads from damage. To avoid thread damage during the process of injection molding,  we must use unscrewing mold mechanism to unscrew the parts  from the mold.  We usually use  collapsible cores to release the interal screws.  External threads can be centered on the mold parting line or molded in both mold cavities/cores.  However,  external threads are prone to parting-line flash or mismatch and require slides or side actions.


Application of Auto Unscrewing Molds

All our plastic unscrew molds increase your speed, productivity and accuracy with higher cavitations and faster cycle times. And we could also develop 2k or 3k molds for customized threaded caps with different knurl counts or color options to match your exact needs. Our unscrewing mold designs can be used to manufacture a wide range of custom plastic parts or components including but not limited to below industry:

  • Bottle caps
  • Shampoo bottles
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Automotive parts
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Medical Supplies
  • Consumer goods
  • Sprinkler heads, lawn & garden parts
  • Container lids


We have developed techniques such as utilizing bearing support cores, robust carriage assemblies, and integral gear/core designs to make sure that our your Auto unscrew molds move at high speeds to clear molded parts quickly and move on to the next cycle immediately. We could make unscrew molds for  customized threaded caps to fit standard, JIC, metric, American standard and other common thread styles.


Through the whole development process, HS Mold, injection mold suppliers China  are here to collaborate and create with you.  Contact us today to Take your next screw project to the next level. Also please follow us on


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