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HS Mold  is a mold manufacturer in china. Since 2004, we have provided injection mold making service to plastic injection molding companies across the globe.  With the advancement of in-house technologies, we are capable of building complex large automotive plastic molds up to 15ton and precision plastic mold with tolerance as tight as +-0.01mm for Medical, Automotive and Commericial Industries.

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About HS Mold

We provide turn-key tooling solutions since 2004

We are not only a plastic molding factory that provides injection mold making and Custom Injection Molding   service, but also a product engineering services company that offers high-quality plastic product development services, from rapid prototyping to high mix low volume production
  Our strong engineering team works closely with you throughout all stages of development. With our extensive knowledge and custom product manufacturing capabilities, we provide solutions tailored to our customers' needs and create maximum value for our clients.

Prototype Solutions

Prototype Solutions

HS is a an injection molding company in china that helps design companies and brands to turn their great ideas into commercially viable products. We create value for clients with our extensive knowledge and custom manufacturing. Whether you need a marketable version of your prototype, or product launch, we partner with you in all stages of product development . Select from our wide range of prototype service to turn your idea into reality.

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From prototyping to production, we have completed more than 500 plastic & metal manufacturing projects across the globe.




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