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A Injection Mold Manufacturer in China that supports your New Product Development

HS Mold is a leading plastic injection molding company in China ,having 20 years experience in injection mold making services and custom plastic injection molding. It also a product engineering services company that offers high-quality plastic product development services, from rapid prototyping to high mix low volume production.

Our strong engineering team works closely with you throughout all stages of development. With our extensive knowledge and custom product manufacturing capabilities, we provide solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and create maximum value for our clients.

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HSMOLD plastic injection molding company

Why US

Maximize Your Quality, Minimize Your Costs

Our Manufacturing Service

We provide one-stop manufacturing service to your innovative project

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Design and Engineering for Injection Molding

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Mold Making

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Injection Molding

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Die casting

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Custom Product Manufacturing

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Quality Control

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Injection Molding Processes

We provide one-stop manufacturing service to your innovative project

  • In Mold Decorating & Labeling
  • Overmolding
  • Gas Assist Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Multi-Shot Molding
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Prototype Solutions

HS MOLD is a company in China that offers design companies and brands to turn their great ideas into commercially viable products.. We create value for clients with our extensive knowledge and custom manufacturing. Whether you need a marketable version of your prototype, or product launch, we partner with you in all stages of product development. Select from our wide range of prototype service to turn your idea into reality.

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Our successful projects

Better Option, better solution

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Navigating the CNC Custom Parts Marketplace A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

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Expert Machinery Company Finds a Reliable and Flexible Partner in HS Mold

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CNC Component Supplier for Large Workpieces

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Plastic Injection Mold Maker

HS Mold is a Plastic injection mold supplier and manufacturer in China. Since 2004, we have provided injection mold-making services to plastic injection molding companies across the globe.