Low Volume Tooling & Injection Molding

We offer rapid tooling, die casting and Plastic Injection Molding Prototypes service for low-volume production. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in China Low Volume Injection Molding industry, our team are 100% focused on providing fast, low-cost tooling solution to produce parts for fit and function in the development of your new product. Want to have physical prototypes in hand within days to validiate designs?

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our high-quality gas assisted plastic parts.

FAQ’s About our Low Production Injection Molding Service

In the development of plastic injection molded products, China Low Volume Injection Molding  is a quick manufacturing process used to meet the demands of tight development time lines. It is very important for designers or engineers to detech design flawss and other issues at the design stage, reducing the risk of project failure.We also use prototype molds to test the molding process and molding with the production material, so any process- or material-based design flaws are discovered early on, saving time and money for your budget.

In the process of China Low Volume Injection Molding, we usually make Prototype molds  also called as soft steel tooling. We usually use soft steel such as S50C or aluminum molds  to make  prototype molds. These tools may withstand thousands of shots from 2,000- 10,000 parts depending on the type of aluminum used, part material and geometry. The lifespan maybe one year or could be stretched out over multiple years with special care. If you want more quantity over 10000 up to 50000 shots, we could use Chinese P20 to make the prototype mold as well.

Prototype molds for China Low Volume Injection Molding can be as low as starting from 800$ depending on part geometrics, size, material, complexity, quantity, and number of cavities in the Plastic Molds. Generally it is little as only two- thirds price of a steel mold due to their ability to quickly manufacture the mold and have it ready for first part trials . At HS Mold, the core of our business is to make prototyping affordable projects for your limited budget.

Our China low volume injection molding service allows you to get your projects done with production quality parts in as few as 7 business days.But again, this all depends on the complexity of your product. For injection molded prototypes, our minimum time needed from idea approval is 1-6 weeks.

Our injection molding prototype parts

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Precision manufacturing through low volume injection molding for medical devices
igh-quality medical part made using low volume injection molding process
Reliable medical components manufactured via low volume injection molding