Mold making

Custom Injection Mold Manufacturing

Our mold making room is combined with two sections, one is working on plastic injection molds while the other is focused on precise CNC machining parts. As a professional mold makers, we built thousands of molds since 2003 and 95% of them were shipped to worldwide branded companies, such as Magna, Ford, Chrysler and more. We have after sale service center in Ontario of Canada to handle engineering change or some unexpected mold issues. We are capable of building large molds up to 10 ton and precise molds with tolerance as small as ±0.01mm.

Our mould making capacities and experiences include:

  • Shuttle and Insert Molds
  • Expandable and Interchangeable molds
  • Two Shot Injection Molds/Overmolds
  • Hot Runner Molds
  • Unscrewing Molds
  • Die-casting
  • Stack mold

Plastic Injection Mold  

Mold steel HS Mold frequently muse covers but not limited to below types:
1.2344, 12343, S136, LKM2316, LKM738H, 1.2083, 1.2312, 1.1730, H13, P20, MOLDMAX-HH.


Depending on the quantity of plastic injection parts you need to manufacture, we could customize the right types of plastic injection molds for your budget, from a low-cost steel or aluminium prototype moulds to production molds with after sales service in NA. So at design stage, just tell us approximate volume of your project and our engineer will choose the right steel and mechanism to minimize your tooling cost.

If the mold we are building for you will stay in our China facility for production, we will maintain, refurbish or replace the injection tool as needed at our cost. P-20  is the most commonly used steel for production molds. However, other types of steel are also used for molds designed for fewer cycles.


In-House Molds

Mold Type Tooling
Tooling Life
Tool Ownership
(Cavity & Core)
Mold Frame
Prototype Mold S50C/Aluminium 10,000 Customer Customer
Production Mold P20 Unlimited Customer Customer

Export Molds

Mold Type Tooling Life Cycles Description
Class 101 1M Built for extremely high production. This is the highest-priced mold and is made with only the highest quality materials.
Class 102 500,000-1M Medium to high production mold, good for abrasive materials and/or parts requiring close tolerances. This is a high-quality, fairly high-priced mold.
Class 103 100,000-500,000 Medium production mold. This is a very popular mold for low to medium production needs. Most common price range.
Class 104 10,000-100,000 Low production mold. Used only for limited production preferably with non-abrasive materials. Low to moderate price range.
Class 105 Up to 10,000 Low volume only. This mold will be constructed in the least expensive manner possible to produce a very limited quantity of parts.


For more information of what types of steel against plastic, please click see our article How to choose the right steel against your plastic injection mold.