Custom Product Manufacturing

Custom Product Manufacturing

Start-to-Finish Custom Product Manufacturing

HS Mold is a one-stop-shop for complete plastic & metal parts or products. We help to save money and time for your project by bringing all under one roof. We are speciallized in  executing short-term and complex tailored projects for demanding customers worldwide.

Custom Product Manufacturing

With our core competency in mold making and custom injectoin molding, we could provide one stop contract manufacturing service including design, purchasing, assembly, short- and long-run production, complex assembly, secondary operations, testing, packaging and shipping.

Located in manufacturing center of Dongguan where there are most complete industry system in the world, we are able to source and purchase needed materials and parts, mold and assemble the plastic components, and provide the finished assembly or product – packaged and shipped – saving you time and money.

Our contract manufacturing experience spans a wide range of industries for domestic and global OEMs, including medical/healthcare, industrial,agricultural, lawn and garden, appliances, consumer products and powersportssuch as marine and recreational and utility vehicles.


HS Mold offers a wide range of assembly services. Some of the most common assembly processes we perform for our global clients  include:

  • Mounting metal parts
  • Drilling and tapping holes
  • Assemble threaded inserts
  • Adding Teflon tape to threads
  • Secondary finish operations such as paiting, printing,chrome plating, powder coating, etching and ect.
  • Boxing and/or other packaging

Over the years, we have completed more than 500 projects requiring assembly service  for clients across the globe.  It’s always easier to deal with a partner where all of these disciplines are run by a single company rather than having to communicate with multiple companies.

We provide full manufacturing service for your project, from prototyping solutions to assembly and final packaging. Contact us to learn more!



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