IMD and IML technologies offer several design and productivity benefits over traditional post-molding labeling and decorating methods. These include:  

  • High-quality graphics that are visually striking
  • Flexibility to use flat, curved, or 3D-formed labels and graphics
  • Elimination of secondary labeling and decorating operations, reducing costs
  • No need for adhesives, as labels and graphics can be applied directly onto plastic in a single step
  • Labels and graphics can be applied to plastic parts and containers’ sides and bottoms in a single step
  • Reduced label inventory
  • High abrasion and chemical resistance achieved through special hard coatings
  • Design variations can be easily achieved by changing labeling film or graphic inserts, even during the same part run
  • High positioning tolerances enable continuous image transfers
  • The technology offers a wide selection of colors, effects, textures, and graphic options, providing greater design flexibility.

Applications of IMD and IML Technologies 

IMD and IML have become the preferred method for creating high-quality, durable labeling and graphics across various industries and applications:

  • Medical devices                                             
  • Consumer products
  • Instrument panels
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Personal telecommunication devices
  • Plastic housings
  • Storage containers
  • Food packaging (cups, trays, containers, tubs)    

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