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Building Trust and Speed in Small Batch Plastic Molding China

As a professional Plastic injection mold maker specializing in Small Batch Plastic Molding in China, we often assist design companies around the world to develop products. However, this cooperation with a German design company brought us an unprecedented experience of speed and trust. The entire process from the initial inquiry to the final order placement took less than a week, and the story behind it is full of trust and tacit understanding.

Understanding Customer Needs

On an ordinary working day in October last year, we received an inquiry from a German design company. The customer wanted us to customize a high-quality coolant expansion tank for their upcoming yacht project. As we all know, German companies are known for their strong professional design capabilities and their critical demands for details. Therefore, the customer hoped that we could provide them with products that meet their high standards within a limited budget.

During the initial contact, the customer requested the use of ultrasonic technology. However, based on our rich production experience and pursuit of product quality, ultrasonic technology may not fully meet the high requirements of yacht water tanks in terms of sealing effect.

Recommending the Right Solution

Therefore, we arranged an online meeting, explained the limitations of ultrasonic technology in detail, and recommended vibration friction welding technology to the customer. Although this technology is slightly higher in cost, its excellent sealing effect and stability have won the initial approval of the customer. However, after receiving the quotation, the customer also expressed that our price was too high and wanted to compare with other suppliers.

Exceeding Customer Expectations with Expertise

In order to dispel the customer’s doubts, we quickly prepared a detailed DFM (Design for Manufacturing) report. This report explains in detail why we recommend using vibration friction welding technology and how to optimize product design to reduce costs while ensuring quality. After the customer saw this detailed and professional report, they placed the order directly without hesitation.

Optimizing the Design for Production

Next, we entered the product design and optimization stage. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the vibration friction welding process, our engineer team conducted a detailed analysis of the customer’s design and proposed optimization suggestions such as modifying the welding line, adjusting the product thickness, and adding RIBs. These optimization measures not only improve production efficiency but also ensure product consistency and high quality.

Close Collaboration Leads to Success

Throughout the development process, we maintained close communication with our customers. We sent the latest progress reports and problems encountered at any time, and adjusted and optimized them according to customer feedback. This close cooperation allows us to better understand the needs and expectations of our customers, and it also allows us to better meet their requirements.

A Successful Partnership

In the end, through our joint efforts, we successfully manufactured yacht water tanks that meet the customer’s high standards. These water tanks have excellent sealing performance and fully meet the customer’s high requirements for product quality. The customer highly recognized our professionalism and service, and expressed their appreciation for our quick response and efficient execution.

This cooperation with the German design company has made us deeply understand the power of trust. Although we have not known each other for a long time and we do not have any sales skills, we have always been committed to the successful completion of the project with a pure heart and to creating the greatest value for our customers. This sincere attitude has deeply impressed our customers. Therefore, we firmly believe that in interpersonal communication, reducing some superficial routines and adding more sincerity and frankness will make work simpler and smoother. In the future, we will continue to uphold this professional spirit and service philosophy to provide more customers with high-quality products and services.

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