Coolant Expansion Tank

This is the bottom of Coolant Expansion Tank for a branded automotive company. The material is PP. The part features with two screws. We could use either automated unscrewing system or hand load inserts to release the screws. Since this part is supplied to the after sales 4s car companies, the quantity is not that big.  We use hand load inserts to save manufacturing cost for clients.  For the water tank, the key technology is the part must be flat without any deform and assembly holes must be aligned perfectly. If there is any warp, the two parts could not be vibrated-welding together and water leaks. In order to solve the issue, firstly we have to run mold flow to do a pre-warp analysis so that the warp degree could be calculated and gate position decided. Mold flow is only an assistant tool in theory. Sometimes, mold flow result differs greatly with actual result. According to our years of experience in making water tank injection molds, we know where to put the gate and what size to better control the even flow of the plastic based on the reading of Mold Flow. Secondly, water line is very important. It is better to have as much cooling as possible and independent water lines for the cavity and core. It is easy to adjust the warp by changing the hot or cool water at trial stage.  We accumulate rich experience in making tank injection molds at a low cost without compromising quality and know how to get a perfect flat part through reasonable design plus with the adjustment of molding parameter. We are a Coolant Reservoir manufacturer base on China. You could also contact us for Washer Fluid Reservoir, Power Steering Reservoir and Coolant Reservoir Cap.

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