High Performance of Molded Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass-Products Glass fiber reinforced plastic are composite materials made of polyester, usually thermoset resin,glass fiber and filler in custom fiberglass molding  process. Generally speaking, most of the glass fiber reinforced materials can be used to create large, complex structures in any number of geometric shapes, including contoured and rounded FRP Molded Products.  Thermoset polymers used as resins in the manufacture of reinforced plastic includes PP, ABS, PA66, PA6, PC, POM, PPO, PET, PBT, PPS, etc.. Fiber reinforced plastics are overall a highly advantageous material providing a number of benefits in a wide variety of areas from physical properties to resistances to aesthetics.   Advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic
1.Glass fiber reinforced plastic is a high-temperature resistant material, therefore, the heat-resistant temperature of reinforced plastics is much higher than that non-reinforced polymers, especially nylon plastics.  FRP is a durable material which can last years in extreme hot weathers and temperatures with minimal wear.
  1. With theaddition of glass fiber,the reinforced plastic restricts the plastic movement between the polymer chains of the plastic, so the shrinkage rate of the reinforced plastic decreases a lot.Therefore,FRP materials also allow for the production of aesthetically pleasing products. It experiences almost no shrinkage coming out of the mold, meaning that results will be highly consistent across an entire production run.
  1. Molded Fiber Glass Plastic Products boast tight tolerances – approximately 1/100 (0.01) inch on the tool side an 3/100 (0.03) inch on the non tool side. A precise and uniform thickness and tolerance can be obtained by carefully controlling the fiber ratio across all surfaces and areas of the part.
  2. Glass fiber is a high-strength materialand the overall strength such as tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength of reinforced plastic could be improved as well .Fiber reinforced plastics possess an excellent resistance to any number of factors including impact, deformation, and chemical corrosion
  1. With the fillier of glass fiber and other additives, the combustion performance of the reinforced plastic is much reduced. Most of the materials cannot be ignitedas it is a flame retardant material. Therefore,majority of Fiber Glass Plastic products are waterproof, non-porous, non-sparking and feature extremely low thermal conductivity.
Disavantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic 1.The transparent plastic will become opaque with the addition of glass fiber.
  1. The toughness of all reinforced plastics decreases while brittleness increases . With the filler of glass fiber, the melt viscosity of the reinforced materials increases and the fluidity becomes worse.
3.Due to the addition of glass fiber, the fluidity of the reinforced plastics becomes poor. In order to realize normal injection molding, molding temperature is required to increase by 10°C-30°C than before. 4. With addition of glass fiber and additives,moisture absorption of reinforced plastic is enhanced greatly. Remember to keep the reinfored before use.  
  1. Duringthe injection molding process, glass fiber can be attached to the surface of plastic products,which makes the product look very rough and dull.  In order to obtain high surface quality, it is best to use mold thermostat to heat the plastic injection mold  during the molding process. In this way, plastic polymer can enter the surface of the product to improve cosmetic look a little bit, though the appearance is incomparable with that non-reinforced polymers.
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