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Industrial design firms are the creative architects of tomorrow’s products. But translating breathtaking concepts into reality can be a budget battle, especially when dealing with limited production runs. Traditional manufacturing often demands high minimum orders, leaving you stranded in financial constraints.

HS Mold: Your GPS to Low-Volume Success

At HS Mold, we specialize in plastic injection molding—your lifeline when industrial design companies need to bring low-volume projects to life. We are among the Plastic injection molding manufacturers in china. We harness the latest technologies and deliver superior quality, even in small production series.

Case Study:Coolant Expansion Tank

Now, let us take you through an instance. A German industrial design firm challenged us to develop the design for a high-performance Coolant Expansion Tank destined for a luxury yacht designed and built in Germany. The catch? They only needed 500 and were on a budget that wouldn’t capsize the project.

HS Mold: Where Experience Meets Collaboration

Immediately, our seasoned engineers went to work. While the initial design considered ultrasonic welding for budgetary reasons, we quickly realized a potential leak in the plan. The watertight seal is crucial to a marine application. Welding simply could not provide the watertightness required for this application.

Transparency is our guide. We kept an open discussion with the design firm in a feasible alternative. Our in-house capabilities and experience in low-volume injection molding assisted in guiding the client to what was feasible: vibration friction welding, a revolutionary process we had perfected. It means excellent sealing capabilities with this method, a worry-free voyage for the yacht owner, and all on an affordable budget.

Above Manufacturing: Collaborative Refinements

We indeed committed to more than just the process of manufacturing. Our engineers critically analyzed the design and identified the areas of refinement. We created a detailed DFM (Design for Manufacturability) report with proposals for modifications such as optimizing weld lines, making changes in product thickness, and adding structural ribs. All these added refinements, along with the possibility granted by low-volume injection molding from HS Mold, were able to streamline production and better product quality with more consistent results.

A Successful Voyage: Collaboration Sets Sail

Through the use of vibration friction welding and close collaboration on design optimization, we were able to deliver water tanks far beyond what the customer expected. The superior seal allowed a carefree experience, while the optimized design provided an end product of the highest quality. This success story further established the great partnership between this Industrial Design firm and HS Mold.

HS Mold: Your Low-Volume Injection Molding Partner

This project is an excellent testament to the power of collaboration between Industrial Design firms and HS Mold, one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molding in China. We don’t just make; we make you win. Innovative solutions, clear communication, and collaboration allow us to ensure the realization of your vision even under a tight budget and with low-volume needs.

Are you ready to chart the course for success with low-volume injection molding? Contact HS Mold today and learn how our experience will help guide you through the rough waters of product development!


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