Custom Precision Machining Brass Parts

Custom Precision Machining Brass Parts

Here at HS, we have over 10 years of experiencing at manufacturing precision components and provide you with with unparalleled machining CNC milling and CNC turning services. The material under this category is Tin bronze, German silver, White copper, Red copper, Brass, Bronze, Copper, etc. Brass turned parts can be used wherever there is heat and steam because of the very little friction seen and its ability to prevent corrosion. So we doesn’t not only supply precision brass for a variety of areas, but also usually manufacture bronze wear plates and mold max inserts for plastic injection molds built in oversea mold shops. Whether you are in need of complex components with high tolerances or custom parts with exact specifications, we do it all!

When completion, we usually use 2D projector, Digital Micrometers plus a complete set of gauges to inspect the dimension against 2d print. Each part will be shipped with a detailed CMM report. And all the parts would be shipped in a safe packing via DHL, FEDEX or UPS and your lead time won’t be affected. No wherever you are, whenever you need service, just write us an email.

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